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Lost Packages
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Lost and Stolen Packages 

Occasionally, shipping issues may occur, causing shipping delays, incorrect delivery, or a lost package. Keenz can provide a refund or reship orders with proof of the loss. We can also file claims with FedEx if packages have not been marked as delivered according to the tracking information. 


First, check your tracking information to confirm where your package is in the delivery process. 


If the package says it was “delivered” but you do not have the package in your possession, start by checking any places where the package might have been delivered (for example, the mail room of your apartment, the side door of your home, etc.) If you are unable to locate the package on or around your property, check with neighbors to see if the package was delivered to the wrong house. 


Occasionally, carriers will mark packages as delivered before they are actually delivered. Give the carrier 1-2 additional business days to deliver your package during busy holiday shipping times.  


To process a refund, or reship the order, we require a statement of loss or improper delivery from the carrier or approval of a FedEx claim. 


To begin this process, file a lost package claim with your delivery carrier. The carrier will need to provide proof of delivery, a statement of loss or improper delivery, or approval of a FedEx claim. Once you have the documentation that proves your package was not delivered, please email us at [email protected] with your order number and the proof from the carrier.   

Responsibility for Lost and Stolen Packages 

Keenz is not responsible for packages stolen after they were correctly delivered to your address. To limit the theft of packages, we require signatures on wagon deliveries. If your wagon is delivered without your signature, please contact FedEx directly.  


Keenz is not responsible for orders that are delivered to incorrect locations due to typos or other incorrect entry of address by the customer. If you have mistakenly put the wrong address and the order has shipped, you will have to contact the carrier for an address change, and any charges associated with the request are the responsibility of the customer.  


Always double-check the shipping address for your order, especially when using other payment sites such as PayPal or ShopPay. Ensure you have updated your address on these websites before using these payment methods, or your shipping address may auto-populate as incorrect for your order. 

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