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Keenz Wheels Maintenance
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If you are having trouble with your wheels, we recommend first checking that your wheels are snapped on correctly and tightly before every use. This is particularly important to check after transport, or periodically during use, especially when using on uneven terrain. This will help ensure that your wheels are always snapped firmly in place.


The Keenz 7S is a moving machine and just like with any machine, owner maintenance will help it run smoothly for many years. To keep your Keenz 7S in prime working condition, we recommend the following:


1. Tighten all nuts and bolts regularly.

2. Periodically clean the inside of your rear wheel hub and front wheel mount to remove dirt, sand, and debris. This can be done with compressed air or water. It’s important to remember to add a little grease* to the hub to ensure smooth operation. 

* White lithium grease is especially useful for friction like hinges, car door hinges, garage door rails, springs, and any other location where grease is needed. Good old fashioned Crisco is an excellent alternative!  Just remember to cover the rubber on your wheels and have plenty of paper towels handy if using white lithium. White lithium aerosol can be very messy, but easy to spray. Just point the aerosol can at your axle and away from you, and spray over paper towels. It’s a good idea to have eye protection on if you choose this method. Crisco is really easy… just add a blob on the end of the axle and snap in place. Use of the wagon will move the grease around inside the hub. Verify that no food allergies affect your family before using.

Crisco is a plant-based product, but it’s always best to make sure your family doesn’t have negative reactions to plant-based products. Wheels are a moving part, and moving parts require a little extra care to maintain the longevity. Taking a little extra time maintaining your wheels will keep you moving freely for many days to come!


ALL-TERRAIN WHEELS ACCESSORY: All-Terrain Wheels for the Keenz 7S model are available and come with 4 All-Terrain Wheels and an All-Terrain Rear Axle.  When installing the All-Terrain Wheels, it is critical that you replace the stock axle, which came with the 7S, with the All-Terrain Rear Axle that arrived with the All-Terrain Wheels. The All-Terrain Rear Axle must be installed before you attach your All-Terrain Wheels. There is a slight variation with the All-Terrain Axle and it is essential for the proper use of your All-Terrain Wheels.  Be sure to install your original Rear Stock Axle before reattaching the stock wheels. The Rear All-Terrain Axle is not designed to work with the Stock Wheels.

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