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Can you gate check a Keenz Stroller Wagon?
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Most airlines will allow you to check the Keenz Stroller Wagon at the gate; however, you should contact your airline for clarification, especially since airport policies can change. 

Here's what we recommend:

  • First, check the website of the airline you plan on using for their stroller policy. This will tell you if you can check the stroller at the gate and use it within the airport.
  • Second, confirm that the airport allows strollers to be brought through security and used in the airport.
  • Third, if you still cannot find the information you are looking for call the airline you plan to fly with directly to confirm their policy.

We've also put together a short list of links to policies for flying with children on popular domestic USA airlines. You can find those here:

If you need to find the dimensions of wagons for flights, please check our comparison chart here: Comparison Chart – Keenz Stroller Wagons

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