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Keenz Open Box Units
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In addition to our brand-new wagons, we also sell Open Box wagons at a discount:


How do I find out when Open Box wagons are available?

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Will you notify me when Open Box wagons are available?

We send emails when Open Box inventory is available. These emails are periodic and go out when inventory is available.


Can I use discount codes on Open Box wagons?

No. Open Box wagons are already discounted, and that price cannot be combined with other discount codes or promotions.


Are Open Box wagons final sale items?

Yes. Final sale products are not eligible for return.


Do Open Box wagons have a warranty?

No. We test the wagons to ensure they are in good, working condition with all parts before the wagon is shipped to a customer.


Do you support or warranty Open Box wagons from other retailers?

No. We do not support Open Box items purchased from authorized Keenz retailers. These wagons are supported or warranted according to the specific retailer's policies and procedures.


What condition are open box wagons in?

The wagons are inspected for gentle use. They may show some very minor wear and tear, like light, but minimal scratches to the paint of the frame, or maybe a bit of dirt on the wheels from a customer deciding to return. The is inspected using a comprehensive checklist to ensure it is fully functional and complete.

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